Day 2: Woodward Dream Cruise With Ford Canada In Photos (Michigan) - Steve Dolson
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Day 2: Woodward Dream Cruise With Ford Canada In Photos (Michigan)

Day 2: Woodward Dream Cruise With Ford Canada In Photos (Michigan)

Day two at the Woodward Dream Cruise, has been the most eventful part of the trip so far.

Day I here:

After waking up from a terrific sleep at The Townsend Hotel at around 6am, I hit their fitness facility to get in a quick arms work out. I wish I did abs, based on the fact that I then enjoyed a Brûléed French Toast right after. It was very delicious with a medley of sauces to accompany it.

Then I got back to the room, packed everything needed for the day and headed down to meet everyone.

I was excited for day two to get into the cars again and see what other configurations of Mustangs I could drive.

One being the Bullitt Mustang (pictured below).

Aside: The Bullitt Mustang will forever be in twined in the fabric of who I am and I’ll explain that in a longer form in the next few days. It’s part of my identity in many ways. 

As soon as we got to our Ford Canada hub for the last couple days, I was introduced to one of the head engineers for the Bullitt Mustang. I asked about what it took to get the idea not only respected and blessed by drivers who identify with Bullitt the movie and the classic Mustang, but also the youth that don’t know a thing about the movie and just see it as a cool black or green Mustang. He mentioned that there were some design challenges and risks, but ultimately got a group ‘thumbs up’ from real drivers when it was being announced and details were mentioned.

Thought: It must be really tough to take a heritage brand and modernize it, this was one of the moments where I think they did a great job.

After getting to drive the Bullitt Mustang, manual transmission, the feeling was terrific. The sound roared underneath me and really made me feel like I was in a real muscle car. Probably, a feeling that my father had stepping into his Mustang for the first time.

After that great driving experience, a few of us headed downtown to Greektown in Detroit to enjoy some food and one of them had the great idea to squeeze in the football game at Ford Field. So, I went to my first NFL game and my first Detroit Lions game, very fun time.

One thing, I must give Detroit Lions credit for, they have an amazing pre-game show. Extremely motivated.

Here it is, here:

Looking forward to my last day, where it’s scheduled to be a beautiful day for a drive.

Here are my pictures from Day II at the Woodward Dream Cruise with Ford Canada: