Viña Tarapacá Wines and Charcuterie Make For A Lovely Date Night In
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Viña Tarapacá Red Wines and Charcuterie Makes For A Lovely Date Night In

Viña Tarapacá Red Wines and Charcuterie Makes For A Lovely Date Night In

A special delivery came to my home that I wish all of you and your significant other received.

It was a package that had artisanal craft and Pinterest written all over it.

It was a lovely charcuterie kit that consisted of a decanter, two bottles of Viña Tarapacá, some tools for the job of cutting and picking up the additional great meat, cheese, and nuts supplied as well. How nice!

This was curated from the great people over at iYellow Living and Notable Life.

Everyone loves charcuterie and it’s usually the first to go in many parties, but paired with Viña Tarapacá red wines? Ugh, it just makes me internally happy.

It was just so photogenic when I started building it and after watching some of Chef’s Table episodes recently, I put together a little photoshoot.

Photography breakdown: I love the way that the deep red wine shows up in the photo and contrasts the wood and warm tones of the cutting board. I turned off all the lights and only used a white LED light with a little orange to really bring out the label, colours and so on. I wanted to keep it moody with the little hit of the fireplace behind it to really bring out the date night vibes.

Enter Viña Tarapacá Wines

I first tried Viña Tarapacá at iYellow Living HQ for one of their lovely dinner parties. They had Chef Carl Henrich from Richmond Station prepare all the food and I shared the table with some lovely people.

Read the full LXRY Story here: Chile’s Viña Tarapacá Has Two Deep Red Wines Perfect For A Dinner Party

The wines paired really well with the food, both providing some really flavourful sips in between crafted cuisine.

The favourite was the Viña Tarapacá Gran Reserva Carmenére 2017 (pictured above) but found myself thoroughly enjoying the Viña Tarapacá Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 (pictured below) as well.

However, to narrow it back down to two people, charcuterie is a great date night snack. It’s easy to put together, it’s easy to make it look nice, you don’t need that many ingredients and you just need a bottle of Gran Reserva Carmenére, and you are off to the races.

With the holidays here and work waning off and family ramping up, it might be good to get a night in with just your significant other to relax, enjoy a night in and decompress in the eye of the storm that is the holiday season.

The Bottom Line

Take it from me, the Viña Tarapacá red wines from Chile are great to warm your soul and share with others over a winter’s night. Even better when you have a glass or two with charcuterie.

For more information on Viña Tarapacá wines, be sure to visit their website.