Viña Casablanca Wine Event at ONE Restaurant in Toronto - Steve Dolson
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Viña Casablanca Wine Event at ONE Restaurant in Toronto

Viña Casablanca Wine Event at ONE Restaurant in Toronto

Tired of getting the same red and white wines for yourself or friends?

I am going to introduce you to a new one to consider, the beautifully, well-rounded wines from Viña Casablanca.

Enter Viña Casablanca Reserva Wines

I had the pleasure of joining Viña Casablanca for a lunch at ONE restaurant to try out their Sauvignon Blanc and their Cabernet Sauvignon mixed with the different foods from Mark McEwan’s ONE Restaurant in Yorkville, located at the Hazelton Hotel.

We were in a private room off to the side, where I met the winemaker from Viña Casablanca and chatted about Chilean wine conditions.

I am now a big Chilean wine fan, I have had a couple recently and they hit my ever-growing palette just right.

Viña Casablanca is a great and well-balanced wine selection that plays nice with different food groups.

In Photos: Viña Casablanca at ONE Restaurant

The Bottom Line

Thank you, Viña Casablanca, for hosting me for this terrific lunch event, it was great to learn more about Chile, the beautiful Chilean wines, which paired great with the delicious food from ONE Restaurant.

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For more information, read the full breakdown of the wines from LXRY Magazine and visit Viña Casablanca’s website for more information about their collection of wines.