Get Your Tickets Now For Unleash The Noise At The Mod Club - Steve Dolson
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Get Your Tickets Now For Unleash The Noise At The Mod Club

Get Your Tickets Now For Unleash The Noise At The Mod Club

After an amazing first year last year, The Roadogs are back for our second annual Unleash The Noise concert benefitting the amazing charity on November 1, 2019 to bring more awareness to mental health towards young people!

Just to give you a glimpse of last year’s show, we had over 400 people fill The Mod Club dance floor as we played a variety of new songs and a mix of your favourites to get you singing and dancing all night long.

With this in mind, in one night, we raised in a staggering $5,000 for! An amazing combination of a great night for a great cause.

Enter The Second Annual Unleash The Noise Show At The Mod Club

Now, this year’s show is going to be bigger and better than ever!

We have rising star Loryn Taggart performing new material that you can hear before she gets takes off worldwide. Her smooth voice, charismatic music, and room-filling tones will make you fall in love with her and her music.

This is all before The Roadogs take the stage with an infectious performance, personalities clashing and complimenting on-stage and lots of amazing energy.

We are not there to just play music, we are there to entertain!

If you want to listen to an album, just stay at home. We aren’t that kind of band.

We play, engage and we might dance more than you do.

Is that a challenge? You bet it is.

So, here is the skinny. All you need to make sure you have a rockin’ good night with us.

Everything You Need To Know

3 cash bars. 600 noise makers. Dance for the mental health revolution!

The Mod Club Theatre

722 College Street, Toronto, ON

8pm until late

Friday, November 1st, 2019 (Add To Your Calendar Here)

Buy Your Tickets Now: Click Here

Get on WhatsApp, Snapchat the sisters, DM the day ones, send the group text, message the Facebook crew, tell your significant other that you are planning something fun for them and come have the best night for a good cause.