My Photos From The #CanonOnTheGlass Experience - Steve Dolson
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My Photos From The #CanonOnTheGlass Experience

My Photos From The #CanonOnTheGlass Experience

I haven’t entered a contest for quite a long time.

However, when I saw on Instagram with regards to Canon Canada, one of my favourite camera brands, and the Toronto Maple Leafs, I entered right away.

I shut down my laptop shortly after and that was that.

The following week, I received an email from their team with the news that I won the Grand Prize of the contest, a #CanonOnTheGlass Experience for the Thanksgiving Monday! Needless to say, it was a very good looking game with the Toronto Maple Leafs (first favourite team) playing the Chicago Blackhawks (second favourite team).

The game was tense, the Blackhawks were up 3-1 and the future of the game was looking bleak. Then another goal and one just beating the 3rd period buzzer by the Leafs to tie the game, pushing it to OT. From there, shots were flying, pucks and bodies were all over the ice and then Aston Matthews (#34 of the Leafs) scored the game winner. Beauty!

Not to mention we got a puck that came over the glass and met a Leafs’ legend, Wendell Clark all in the same game.

I was even wearing my dad’s hockey jersey that he wore for a Toronto Star article where he skated with the Leafs’ back in 1980.

Pretty awesome Thanksgiving if you ask me. I even brought my brother who is one of the biggest Leafs’ fans I know to enjoy it. Always nice to enjoy some good times with the family.

I want to thank Canon Canada and The Toronto Maple Leafs for such a great experience and amazing seats. If you are looking to enter the contest, there are still spots available for the upcoming date, be sure to enter for your chance to win the #CanonOnTheGlass Experience too!

Here Are My Photos From The #CanonOnTheGlass Experience!