Photographers I Know That I'm Going To Need You To Follow
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Photographers I Know That I’m Going To Need You To Follow

Photographers I Know That I’m Going To Need You To Follow

Photographers can be found all over Instagram now, but they are more phone-ographers than photographers.

The ones who I would like to feature in this post are the people who I’ve enjoyed seeing their journey, enjoyed shooting with them or enjoyed their different perspective on things.

I really admire these photographer’s works, I really enjoy talking to, learning from and joking with.

So, this is the reason for this post. If you haven’t heard of them, follow them and check them out.

Sean Pollock

I recently met Sean on a trip to Quebec City and I really like the gent. Not only is he a knowledge base when it comes to cameras, but he has a great eye for people, space, and nature. Recently did a fun shoot with him and here are just some of my favourite shots of his.

Website: | Instagram: @seanpollock

A post shared by Sean Pollock (@seanpollock) on

Lake Minnewanka on a sunny Albertan afternoon.

A post shared by Sean Pollock (@seanpollock) on

Don’t Feed The Unicorn | Briony Douglas

Met Briony Douglas very briefly on the red carpet of a TIFF event a year back. I could tell she was a creative. I could tell that the red carpet shooting wasn’t all she was doing. The moment she said her feed was ‘Don’t Feed The Unicorn’ I got my answer. Upon looking at her feed, her use of macros and close-ups is something that brings an artistic bravado to it. I am so glad that she is going to be doing a gallery feature for her photos very soon.

A post shared by Briony (@dontfeedtheunicorn) on

A post shared by Briony (@dontfeedtheunicorn) on

Website: | Instagram: @dontfeedtheunicorn

Ryan Emberley

One of the most talented event photographers out there. Not only is he an O.G. when it comes to the best, fashion and socialite-filled events, but he ads to the event himself by being a presence all on his own. When I see Ryan at an event, I know I am at a good event. His candid celeb shots are something to admire. He captures people so well.

A post shared by Ryan Emberley (@ryanemberley) on

A post shared by Ryan Emberley (@ryanemberley) on

Website: / | Instagram: @ryanemberley

Veecee Cheng | Victor Cheng

Someone who is always thinking, scheming and imagining a better way to look at something. His insanely creative use of people in pictures is some of my favourite I’ve seen. He was recently featured on Instagram and it definitely won’t be the last. His use of space, symmetry, and perspective is something to be studied. He is a really great, well-dressed guy too.

A post shared by Victor Cheng (@veeceecheng) on

A post shared by Victor Cheng (@veeceecheng) on

Website: | Instagram: @veeceecheng

Jacqueline Sy

Jaqueline is a gem. You may not know but she is a fully-educated and fully-trained medical nurse. She probably doesn’t want me saying this, but it goes to show how meticulous she is. I think it also shows two more things about her. One, the fact that she cares about what she does and the people around her (including her subjects) and, two, that she is willing to follow a passion endlessly with a fighting stance, ready for anything. She even took my headshots for myself (and of me for this website)!

Website: | Instagram: @jacquelinejamesphoto

Daniel Crystal

I’ve known Daniel for a while now. He is one of the most detailed people I’ve ever met. He is someone who learns everything about what he is passionate about to an extremely deep level. He got me into different types of photography (mirrorless, star trails, better landscaping) and he is going to be someone who brings more beauty to beautiful places.

Website: | Instagram: @dcrystal_photography

Lauren Miller

I’ve known Lauren for a long time and she always surprises me every year with how good she is. I love our talks about photography, lenses and she’s always pushing me to be a better photographer. Her food photography makes me want to eat my phone screen.

A post shared by Lauren Miller (@lomillerphoto) on

Website: | Instagram: @lomillerphoto

If you are looking for one more photographer to follow, be sure to add yours truly to your list: @stevedolson