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East Coasting in Ford Bronco Sport

I am a fan of cinema. I have always wanted to get those cinematic shots that all these Hollywood filmmakers seem to achieve. 

I have wanted to create photos as if they were taken from a movie.

A lot of times in movies, they create their own world with tones and colours and that’s what I wanted to do here, to be more immersive with each image. The images you see below are using a kind of ‘Aerochrome’ palette a very rare filmstock that turns the greens to reds to actually detect camouflaged enemies in densely forested areas. 

I love the colouring because it brings a different look to the whole experience. I hope you enjoy it. I certainly did and have the Ford Canada team to thank for it.

East Coasting In New Brunswick


I was lucky enough to be invited by Ford Canada to head to New Brunswick to test drive a Ford Bronco Sport and take it off-roading to review in LXRY Magazine. I haven’t off-roaded in a while, so I jumped at the chance. 

We first picked up our Ford Bronco Sport SUVs at the Saint John Airport (YSJ) and headed out to have our wheels deflated and checked before going off-roading. I was driving the Ford Bronco Badlands Edition, which comes with a front stabilizer bar disconnect and electronic-locking front and rear axle, both useful features if you were doing the off-roading I was doing, especially with strong elevation changes. You want to have less pressure in your tires so you have a bit more flexibility and grip on the trail.

I was very impressed by the handling of the Ford Bronco Sport in these various off-roading conditions of deep pooled water, larger rocks built into the trail and trails that seem to just drop off if you aren’t too careful of where you are going.

After trying great features like Trail Asset, which basically swings the front of your Bronco around when you need to get around the corner, I was certainly enjoying myself.

After that great off-roading experience, we headed to St. Andrews, New Brunswick, to stay at the beautiful and sprawling Algonquin Resort

The resort had a castle-like feel to it which became evident with the long hallway commute to my room. The room was very nice and allowed me to wash off the dirt from the day and have a great night’s sleep later on that night.

We then had a reception and dinner on the hotel grounds and I had full lobster for the first time, a labour of love.

I always have east coast lobster, I won’t have it anywhere else in Canada. Then it was lights out for the night after some photo edits like the ones you see in this write-up.


More Off-Roading And En Routing To Saint John, NB

Day Two

After a great sleep and adjusting to the one-hour time change, I arrived for breakfast and fuelled up to get ready for another great day of off-roading ahead.

We bid farewell to the lovely hotel and I put on some clothes I didn’t mind getting dirty.

We hit the trail again and this time, I felt very comfortable with my setup. I was reunited with my Ford Bronco Badlands.

After a great trip through the swamps, trails and deep grasses, we stopped for a winching demonstration before heading back for lunch. Wild that the winch on the Broncos (as an upgrade) can winch up to 10,000 pounds. 

Then we went to Ossie’s Fried Clams, the proclaimed ‘Best Seafood in North America’, not just Canada. I have to say, the spicy tartar sauce they make homemade certainly puts them in contention. 

Then we had some free driving time on our hands and I went hunting for a photogenic spot for the Ford Bronco Badlands.

I drove all over the coastline looking for a spot that wasn’t someone’s property and I found one. It was a rocky beach with a beautiful view of the water. It even had a sign that said not to shoot fireworks on the beach or else it would startle the nearby horses. I thought it was very fitting with the Bronco.

After a great sit-down lunch, we headed to Minster’s Island just on the coastline for some history and some more Bronco demonstrations.

What’s interesting about this particular destination is that it’s not reachable by car until the hours of 3:00pm and 8:00pm each day.

Before and after those scheduled times, the high tide on the east coast starts rising and covers the only road to and from the island. It was neat seeing the tide go out as we waited, seeing a pathway emerge that we could drive across.

We all toured the grounds and the historic house and after, watched a wild Ford Bronco Raptor climb what seemed to be a construction site almost with absolute ease and good direction from one of our trail guides.

After spending some time there, we hightailed it to Saint John, New Brunswick for the night. 

I was cycling through local radio stations trying my best to take in the beautiful east coast scenery and driving experience. Listening to the local radio stations actually really helped with that ‘staying in the moment’ feeling.

We arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick and only had about 40 minutes until heading to a great dinner at the Italian By Night restaurant for the night.


Fun Day At The Bay of Fundy


Day three started a bit later for me compared to our media on the trip and I was happy about it. A lot of the other journalists had a 4:30am shuttle to catch for their flights and I opted for a later flight.

I was glad I did because I had a last-minute opportunity to drive the boss of them all, the Ford Bronco Raptor before I took off. This was an absolute beast of an SUV. Something that you could easily go over trails, dunes, parking lots, curbs, whatever you would like really. 

I want to personally thank Lori, who was a very nice person and passionate local and allowed me to drive into this really cool part of New Brunswick to see the Bay of Fundy in full before heading onto my flight back to Toronto. Appreciate it!

Final Thoughts

I first off want to thank Ford Canada, National PR and everyone who organized the trip. It was a wonderfully run trip with help, support, fun and adventure all throughout it.

You really made my trip and I thank you for the hospitality, getting the cars all set up and organizing the whole trip and for the off-roading experience with the highly trained guides. This particularly was an exciting trip and something I will look back fondly on when I see a passing Bronco. I might even stop them and tell them to go off-roading a few times and tell them that their paint job will be fine.

If you are interested in the Ford Bronco Badlands or Ford Bronco Raptor, build and test drive your own through the links.

Looking forward to the next adventure and thank you for joining me for this one. Hope you enjoyed this more visual diary of my time in New Brunswick.

Stay tuned to LXRY Magazine for full stories.