Shooting With Martell Blue Swift Cognac Spirit - Steve Dolson
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Shooting With Martell Blue Swift Cognac Spirit

Shooting With Martell Blue Swift Cognac Spirit

Do you enjoy cognac?

It’s an acquired taste. It’s a taste that I like to acquire more. It’s warm, complex and you don’t need a lot of it to enjoy an evening.

It’s a classic drink that my grandfather used to drink and now I find myself enjoying it by itself, on the rocks or in a mixed drink, like a Martell Sidecar.

I had the idea of showcasing and shooting it almost in a natural film style. I wanted some grain, some roughness to it, like an aging postcard, but I also wanted to show the rich auburn colour.

I shot it at OBJX in Toronto and had a really nice time shooting it with the harsh daylight. There is nothing like using dynamic shadows to help highlight your images.

Photographing Martell Blue Swift Cognac Spirit

Here are the photos, enjoy!


The Bottom Line

When it comes to cognac, it’s something that I think you should enjoy sparsely, so you always have a good bottle filled on your shelf. It’s something that I like to drink while I am doing something. Hanging around good people, writing, or something to enjoy at night. It slows things down with the amount of bite it has in every sip. It’s a bit rougher compared to other cognacs I have had, but it’s a good one over ice or blended in with other playful liquids.

For more information, be sure to learn more about the Martell Blue Swift through their website.

Please sip responsibly.