Learning How To 'Be Camera Ready' With Michelle Jobin - Steve Dolson
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Learning How To ‘Be Camera Ready’ With Michelle Jobin

Learning How To ‘Be Camera Ready’ With Michelle Jobin

Have you ever wanted to be more camera ready?

This week, I attended Drake Commissary‘s Breakfast Club series with a media and TV personality that has spent a lot of time in front of the camera, Michelle Jobin.

Michelle was very fashionable and well-spoken, showcasing her enunciating chops to an audience of people who want to do more screen time and connect to people on the other side of the black void of the camera lens.

Moderated by Drake’s personable host, Jasmine Baker, this talk covered tips from Michelle’s experience and her many years and situations being live on television.

Here are some takeaways I had from the talk.

Tell A Story and Know The Story

Michelle had talked about being a weather personality on TV and one time all of the maps were down.

All of the maps.

If you could understand, that’s pretty much the full extent of the weather segment, looking at the maps. However, Michelle knew the stories, the facts, and adapted to her new situation.

So, it’s always important to know your story, just in case your environment changes.

Pick The Person

I really liked this tip.

Getting to know the kind of person is watching is one thing, but directing your broadcast with one person in mind is another.

If I said to you that if you talk about an audience and try to relate your topic to them, for example a group of 18-35 year old men, it would be tough to pinpoint that audience in your speech. However, if you pick someone that represents that audience (aka your brother, cousin, etc.), and talk through the lens like you are talking about them, then you have a stronger connection through the lens.

Be Comfortable And Your Audience Will Be Comfortable Too

I found that this point was a great point to make, if you are nervous, your audience will be nervous.

They will always try to give you the benefit of the doubt and they want you to succeed, but they will feel nervous for you if you also feel nervous. So be comfortable, your audience will relax too and reflect you and it will go nice and smooth.

It Should Feel Like A Conversation

Nobody likes to be talked at, so be sure to engage with and talk to the audience.

It should feel like a conversation, like when you peer into someone’s life through an Instagram story, it should feel like your eyes are the camera’s lens.

Just me and you, you and me.

If you are lecturing your audience, people will turn off and tune out.

Find a way to engage with your audience as best as you can and to bring them into your story.

Match Your Audience’s Energy

Talk to Michelle aside about your energy before teeing up your first take.

She mentioned that it all comes down to that audience member that you picked. If that audience member is high-energy, then it would be good to up the energy.

You don’t want to come in with low-energy, but you want to be able to consistently give that energy over a long period of time.

Ask For Feedback

Talked to her after about this too, I asked her, “how do you know if it was a good take?”, she said that people can be perfectionists and hard on themselves, so it’s always good to get feedback for what you are doing before you post it (until you are more comfortable). Someone might have feedback about your message, how you are delivering it or how you are looking while you are delivering it.

Thank you, Michelle Jobin, for your lovely chat and answering my questions on the side.

I know you are a wealth of knowledge about the subject and you brought a lot of value and important notes and reminders to the audience members. Thank you for the Drake Commissary and Jasmine Baker for hosting the event too.

One More Thing!

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