It's Important That You Know About "VIRGIL ABLOH" - Steve Dolson
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It’s Important That You Know About “VIRGIL ABLOH”

It’s Important That You Know About “VIRGIL ABLOH”

Who is the man that is deconstructing iconic designs and changing them to be relevant in this day and age?

It’s designer, Virgil Abloh. He was arguably one of the most influential designers in modern fashion and design right now and he is scheduled to win that title again this year with his many highly-anticipated collaborations and projects.

photo: Hypebeast

Quick Facts About Virgil Abloh:

  • Born in Illinois
  • Founded OFF-white
  • Creative Director to Kanye West on many projects, album covers and performances
  • Collaborated with Nike, Levis, IKEA, Air Jordan, Moncler etc.
  • Went to school for architecture and civil engineering

FASHION: OFF-white X Air Jordan 1

He has an interesting 3% rule to his designs.

Whoever he is collaborating with, he changes their design by about 3% from the original. There are exceptions, but that rule that he has created, that constraint, can be found in many of his designs.

He wants the consumer to experience a spin on a familiar design. Something fresh and different, but something that is iconic and recognizable. You can see this in his new design of Nike’s Air Jordan 1.

Photo: Nike

DESIGN: Retail Experiences

He also really pays attention to retail and the retail experience. He wants to deconstruct those experience as well.

Buy something if it speaks to you, if it doesn’t, go for the experience. – Virgil Abloh


Wanted to simulate an office space for his store in Tokyo, Japan.

Link: OFF-white Tokyo

Hong Kong

Wanted to simulate an aspect of nature and serenity to contrast the noise pollution and busy streets that are outside of the store.

Link: OFF-white Hong Kong

He is spanning different industries with his mix of engineering, architecture, human behaviour and fashion. You can see it as a constant throughout his works and experiences.

He wants to provoke, challenge and get streetwear into a place where unlikely high-end buyers would enjoy streetwear. He is creating and recreating streetwear to create pieces of work that people didn’t know that they needed. Additionally, bring focus and design to items that have become routine in our life, like those classic IKEA bags.

Abloh wants to have it where someone on ‘our side’ (streetwear) side smashes the socio-economic classes and give something the upper class individuals and couture-wearing audiences would like.

And I definitely think he is the man to do it.

Here is a video of Virgil Abloh talking about fashion, design and retail

Virgil is an influence of mine and has inspired me to question basic experiences in my life, how I do things and how I look at popular culture.

With his ability to add and embed a new layer of new style into classic projects, it makes Virgil Abloh someone important you should know.

Thank you for reading,