How-To Guide: Refocusing Your Goals For The Rest Of The Year
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How-To Guide: Refocusing Your Goals For The Rest Of The Year

How-To Guide: Refocusing Your Goals For The Rest Of The Year

Where are you at with what you want to accomplish from the beginning of the year?

Are you hitting and achieving those goals you set out? Are you going to the gym a couple times a week? Reading a book a week? Eating healthier? If not, consider this your reality check.

It’s easy to get back into the same routine, the same habits and the same way you did things before.

But, understand something, the reason you want to make these New Years’ Resolutions in the first place is that you wanted to make a change in your life.

Maybe it was something you weren’t happy with, or said yourself ‘that’s enough’ to.

But, did you fully make that decision? Be honest.

The decision to change for the better is a decision you have to make. It’s an agreement, it’s your word, it’s your integrity. So here is your second chance to make that decision or ramp it up for the rest of the year.

Here is how you can refocus what’s important to you for the rest of the year.

Retake a look at your goals

Did you bury that list of goals in your phone? Notebook? Is it under a stack of paper or did you just plain lose it?

Dust if off, make it your most recent note, rewrite it, print it off and put it right in front of you, make it your screensaver, whatever you need to do.

Really take a look your list and now see if it’s manageable to do for the rest of the year. Make your deadline December 31st and start working backwards.

See what worked and see what didn’t work. You might have tried something that just didn’t work with your schedule or you ended up just plain hating, so figure out another way of doing it that you can actually enjoy.

If you are able to get back on track, you might have to push harder because you have lost some time. Or you can reevaluate and change your goals after you work backwards to be realistic.

Don’t take on more than three goals. It’s just too much.

Set the checkpoint right now and check progress

Maybe you made progress. Maybe you didn’t. It’s okay.

It’s time to make this date (today) right now your new baseline checkpoint. Maybe you were plus or minus, but instead of comparing your progress and over-catastrophizing your goal, start from today’s date.

Example of Over-Catastrophizing your Goal: 

Oh my god, I haven’t done this in 6 months, how I am I even going to start now?

Forget that mindset, start today.

If you say you haven’t worked on a goal since January, then you are starting off on a negative. Start off on a neutral-positive and make today the starting point.

Re-establish a routine that will help you reach your goal

After looking at your goals and being re-energized from the starting point of kicking things off today, do you have a routine that enables you to reach those goals?

Maybe you want to lose some weight, a couple ways you can look at where you can fit this into your schedule is evaluate your schedule.

You can do this in two ways.

Fit things in ahead of time

You can just fit what you want into your schedule ahead of time the following days or weeks (get up an hour early, skip a night out for the gym, etc.). This way you plan around your goals and give them time to be focused on.

Or [Hardcore Way] Time track and find holes in your schedule

If you want the more scientific and nerdy way, you can see put everything you do during the week on the calendar.

Put down everything you do in 15-minute intervals.


  • 9:15am – walked to coffee shop,
  • 9:30am – ordered and had breakfast,
  • 9:45am – Called my family

See how you are spending your time (in 15 minute chunks) and then evaluate at the end of the week how you spent your time. Did you waste any that could have been better spent working on your goals?

Then carving in when you have the free minutes required for a workout, learning new recipes, etc. into your schedule.

Hardcore, I know.

By planning out when you are going to work on a goal ahead of time, you will be in the right mindset for it, you will prepare for it, you will plan your life around these important goals and you will complete them. Time will be elastic towards your goals and you will find time you didn’t think you had.

Change your routine and rearrange things to what’s important.

Set another checkpoint and measure results

You have your goals, you have your checkpoint and you have your routine. Now, let’s set another checkpoint. Actually, let’s set up multiple checkpoints.

  • One-Week: See how many times you did it that week. Start small.
  • One-Month: See how many times you worked towards your goal in one month, document how accomplished you feel.
  • Three-Months: Review how many you times in the first month, then compare it to the second, and then finally compare it to your third month.

Tip: Having a daily reminder about your goal helps too!

Remember that December 31st date, this is the finish line.

Work towards that goal. Work towards that finish line.

See the baby steps you have covered, see how many months you have been at it for and then exceed your own expectations on December 31st.

If you reach your goals early, great. But, don’t break your routine. Celebrate on January 1st, when you realized how far you have come.

To Sum Up

It’s really easy to forgo on your goals. It’s really easy to ignore them and just go on without them.

But, these are the goals you had put down in mind to be a better person, to push yourself and to go to a new level you didn’t think you would reach.

Maybe over the last couple months you have accomplished your goals and may think to yourself, maybe this post isn’t for me. It could be true, or it could be an opportunity to set new goals for the rest of the year and push yourself in a new direction.

Today is your day to start. Have you taken out your list of goals yet?

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