My Highlights, Lowlights And Lessons Of The Past 10 Years
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My Highlights, Lowlights And Lessons Of The Past 10 Years

My Highlights, Lowlights And Lessons Of The Past 10 Years

How was the last decade for you?

It’s crazy to look back on those last few years how much you have accomplished. You think during the day-to-day activities you hardly do anything, but when it adds up, it’s a totally different story.

I would like to say first, that I am extremely lucky and grateful for all these experiences, for better and for worse. They have changed me, impacted me, affected me personally, put me in a hole and lifted me out all at different times. They have shaped me, scars, bruises and all and have made me a better person in general.

I have always been ambitious, but I actually got emotional writing this list because I didn’t think I could accomplish this much in that span of time. I am truly humbled by my experiences.

My Highlights and Lowlights of this Past 10 Years

In no particular order:

  • Started LXRY Magazine in 2011
  • Founded 2Social in 2011
  • Founded BenchMRK Growth Agency in 2017
  • Founded Green LXRY in 2019
  • Founded World LXRY in 2019
  • Worked with Free The Girls to donate over 10,000 bras to third world countries
  • Helped raise over $10,000 to Jack.Org
  • Have worked with over 100 clients personally
  • Have worked on developing over 60 websites personally
  • Shot a music video with Loryn Taggart
  • Shot a music video with Kai Exos
  • Shot a music video with Jordan John
  • Traveled to Spain with Osborne Wine
  • Off-roaded Porsche Cayennes in Whistler
  • Drove a Porsche 911 around the Area 27 Racetrack
  • Drove around a racetrack in a Ford Edge ST in Cayuga
  • Experienced Yacht Week In British Virgin Islands
  • Was published in print for a Chinese Luxury Magazine
  • Performed 6 times with my band at The Mod Club Theatre
  • Played the Orillia Waterfront Festival with my band, The Roadogs
  • Graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Technology
  • Graduated from Mohawk College with a Diploma of Mechanical Engineering
  • Lost my father
  • Became an uncle
  • Shot a Russian Wedding at City Hall in Toronto
  • Launched Ripple Africa Canada
  • Shot a bar mitzvah ceremony and celebration
  • Produced, Directed, And Edited an upcoming podcast series for Echelon Wealth
  • LXRY became the ranked #1 source for Canadian luxury
  • Attended Raptors Playoff Championship Game II
  • Ran 21km for the first time in my life
  • Broke 200 pounds for the first time in 15 years
  • Was in the movie Acquainted as a background actor
  • Lost my grandmother
  • Performed stand up comedy at all the major Toronto event venues
  • Flew over a forest fire in Osoyoos, BC
  • Went whale watching in Charlevoix, Quebec
  • Ate horse brain in Toronto
  • Ate emu and duck in Charlevoix, Quebec
  • Was a paparazzo for an ICFF event
  • Was a red carpet photographer for a TIFF event
  • Celebrated my 30th birthday in Belize
  • Told Wayne Gretzky he had nice buns when he was exiting the Ritz Carlton Cafe holding sandwiches on buns
  • Met the entire Dallas Stars’ team at one time at the Ritz Carlton
  • Got my picture taken with Fashion Santa
  • Traveled to Thunder Bay and back with my best friend, James, on an epic road trip
  • Drove a Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II in Dallas, Texas
  • Perfected my golf swing on a robot arm in Glen Abbey Golf Club with the RoBoGolfPro
  • Played mini-golf on Google HQ’s roof in Toronto
  • Spoke at McMaster University, Humber College and The Academy of Design
  • Hosted a Toronto Auto Show Closing Party with Range Rover
  • Made the shortlist for 5 Canadian Weblog Awards
  • Was the best man at my brother’s wedding
  • Was on a panel for Young Entrepreneurs at Ryerson University
  • Sunk into a natural sulfur hot spring in British Columbia
  • Was featured in Notable, The Globe And Mail, Sharp Magazine, The Toronto Star, The Huffington Post, CBC, CBC Kitchener-Waterloo, and on Medium
  • Bought my first car, Volvo S60
  • Hosted an event with Ferrari Canada
  • Had 8 eviction notices in a row
  • Created a TV show pilot for Insight Productions
  • Broke things in a rage room on Breakfast Television
  • Appeared on SpotlighTV covering TIFF 2019
  • Worked on the sold-out Rosé Picnic
  • Was a model for Real Sports for the Toronto Maple Leafs playoff campaign
  • Played the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto before it closed down
  • Was featured in the CN Tower promotional video
  • Was featured in Irish publication, Evoke for a photoshoot with Tia Duffy and Ann Pirvu
  • Was an on-ice photographer for the Toronto Maple Leafs with my brother for Canon
  • Attended SXSW in Austin, Texas, twice
  • Met Anthony Bourdain at SXSW
  • Worked on the event committee for the Toronto Public Library Foundation
  • Named McMaster’s Campus Bar, Twelve Eighty
  • Discovered Zane Caplansky of Caplansky’s Deli and I have a love for the same shirts
  • Moved offices 4 times throughout my agency career
  • Ate fresh lobster in Halifax
  • Volunteered at CanFilmFest
  • Was a finalist for Top 30 under 30
  • I have worked with CAA, RBC, ScotiaWealth, Echelon Wealth Management, Penguin Random House, Solenzi just this year alone.

The Lessons I’ve Learned Over The Last 10 Years

I had the best and worst times of my life over the last decade. They have all taught me many things in my life. It’s been the most developmental time in my career, my personal life, my financial life, and my emotional life. I have learned to say yes to a lot of things in my life. A lot of people think that to be successful you have to say no to everything. That’s true for somethings but, I have said yes more often than not and I have had a wonderful life so far that has taken me to new heights that I couldn’t even imagine at the time.

I have learned so much about myself, my life, and others. I couldn’t have done what I have done without the amazing people I have around me. Most of them are in my life still, but those that aren’t, I appreciated everything. If you are reading this, you are one of them, thank you.

If the last decade taught me anything, it’s to have a positive attitude, think past yourself, having good intentions, say yes to new experiences, belief in yourself,  don’t expecting anything, keep giving and be present as much as possible and be thankful for every learning experience.

Also, quit your job once you have learned everything there is to know and move onto another. Don’t waste your time.

I have even bigger plans for the next decade. This is only the beginning.

Thanks for reading and I hope you are part of my upcoming decade.