Buca Osteria & Enoteca on King's 10th Anniversary Event - Steve Dolson
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Buca’s 10 Year Anniversary Event

Buca’s 10 Year Anniversary Event

10 Chefs. 10 Courses. 10 Years. 1 Big Celebration for Buca.

This past month, I was asked to take pictures for an iconic restaurant, Buca Osteria and Entonteca, in Toronto, ON.

This event was not just any event. It was a milestone event for Buca, as it celebrated 10 years of delicious Italian cuisine in it’s first King Street West location. The Buca brand has expanded to more styles of restaurants and cafes, spanning different areas in Toronto. Since the first Buca location, they have opened a Buca restaurant on Eglinton and Yorkville and a personal favourite for coffee, Bar Buca, in Vaughan and around the corner on Portland.

Enter Buca’s 10 Year Anniversary Event

I love every time I walk into BUCA because it has an all-encompassing birds-eye view of the restaurant as soon as you get through the doors. You can see everything from the dining area, the long bar, and most of the space as you step down the stairs from about half the total ceiling height.

I was commissioned to cover the night ahead with great privilege, to have free reign over the different areas of the restaurant, my favourite type of access. I love being able to be in the trenches and be shoulder to shoulder with the staff, chefs, and people running the operation. Seeing things on the ground floor, right next to the fast-paced staff was not only exciting but interesting.

Feeding a restaurant’s worth of people all in a night with 10 courses requires intense planning, preparation, scheduling, service, speediness, tidiness, and organization. I was right in between the chefs and the servers as I saw plating firsthand as everything was completed very calmly and very organized.

The respect between chefs was also admirable. Every chef recognizing and respecting the space and job that each of them had to do. It was a well-oiled machine. In the height of it, they looked like worker bees working in the hive.

There were two areas where they were serving. One was the main, dining room and the other was more of an intimate dining party room down a hallway with old machinery on the left used to cut meat and a cellar with meat hanging and tagged with old labels on the right.

While meals were being served, the head chef at Buca, Chef Rob Gentile, would come out to the crowd and talk them through the dish, introducing another Chef near and dear to the restaurant’s or Chef Rob Gentile’s heart. The relationships between the chefs that were featured and Chef Rob Gentile was long-lasting, filled with inside jokes, travel stories and hushed experiences that would be too hot for the general public. A lot of layers of friendship built up a great bond and great partnerships of the night all surrounding food.

With each delicious plate dished out, there would be a wine pairing specifically chosen to accompany it. The ingredients chosen for each dish had their own stories and journey and were sourced internationally for the big day.

Here are some of the pictures from Buca Osteria & Enoteca’s 10th Aniversary

The Bottom Line

This was a great experience that I personally had, seeing everyone move together, feeding great admirers, friends, and family of this Buca restaurant. It was a great privilege again to be apart of this wonderful milestone and I thank Buca for the invitation. Congratulations to Chef Rob Gentile, to Buca and to everyone who has contributed to the success and expansion of the Buca brand over the years.

To learn more about Buca Osteria & Enoteca, visit their website and book a reservation.

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