HOMAGE: The Second Show By Artist Briony Douglas - Steve Dolson
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HOMAGE: The Second Show By Artist Briony Douglas

HOMAGE: The Second Show By Artist Briony Douglas

I met Toronto artist, Briony Douglas, a few years back. We were both hired as red carpet paparazzi photographers.

Upon meeting her, she had a presence to her that I just felt like she was ahead of the curve.

I felt like she knew a lot about human behaviour, trends, fashion, and just had a knack for anticipating notable things.

Even though we were both hired to be on the red carpet pit taking pictures of celebrities during TIFF season, however, I had a hunch that she wasn’t just snapping celebrity portraits, that she was up to a lot more behind the scenes.

Mouth Piece: Briony’s First Show

Flash forward to her first show, Mouth Piece, a mix of both close-up pictures of, well, mouths showcasing different things. She also started showcasing mixed 2D collages that felt like a very trendy and artistic version of a vision board including animals, women, wild energy, glamorous objects, and more.

Moving on between shows, Briony got into some more unique work, combining streetwear with glamorous 1980s-1990s inspired settings. A combination that brings together new and retro styles with whole family settings, with a layer of basketball streetwear. A fascinating and well-executed idea. These images have found success through social channels and have caught the eye of Vogue, Air Jordan, and more.

Clearly, I have been a fan of Briony for years, so when hearing about her latest show, I was excited, to say the least. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to the opening party, but I made the trip over to 49 Ossington Ave for my birthday, yesterday.

This is Briony. Fashionable, right? Like, just look at those shoes.


With Homage, Briony wanted to bring her love of fashion, icons, and collages all together. She created 3D artwork on clean canvases that represent some of her favourite icons in culture. What I love most about these pieces is just how many different elements make up an iconic look, brand, or figurehead. It’s a combination of many different things that make up a single iconic figure.

Her combined pieces are like character traits that make up these characters that have gone up against incredible criticism and have risen above.

Here are the icons Briony is paying Homage to:


Kanye West

Michael Jordan

Esteé Lauder


Coco Chanel

The Bottom Line

I wanted to showcase a piece of each artwork because I want you to see the full picture for yourself and discover some new art.

If you would like to see the full pieces, be sure to attend the event from now until April 13, 2019, at 49 Ossington Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. 12pm – 8pm daily.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and thank you for your time.

Thank you for having me, Briony! Congratulations on your show.