The 6 Things I Wish I Knew 6 Years Ago About My Health - Steve Dolson
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The 6 Things I Wish I Knew 6 Years Ago About My Health

The 6 Things I Wish I Knew 6 Years Ago About My Health

When it comes to my health, I have been closed-minded.

I had bad habits in high school and as Toronto, a health and appearance biased place, was progressing far passed me with energetic people going to gyms, park bootcamps and running clubs, I felt like I was a boulder, too heavy to move and not enough energy to start.

Now more than ever, I have made changes to positively benefit my health. I am turning 30 next year and a good friend of mine said, if you don’t get your routine down now, you will never get it down.

So, for the past 6-months, I have been trying new things, learning about myself, what habits I have and how to rewire my brain.

Here Are The 6 Things I Wish I Knew 6 Years Ago About My Health:

Educating Myself About Health, Food and How My Body Works

This is at the top of the list for a reason.

This has been the catalyst for making me feel better.

Many of my family members have passed away from heart disease, so I don’t want to go down that road. I want to set a new path and start as early as I can.

Reading has been my biggest push and has been my biggest asset over the last six months.

I try to read as much as two-hours a day on health, wealth and success. Three resources that have probably added years onto my life has been Blinkist, FlipBoard and StumbleUpon for the sheer amount of great articles and information on health and wellness.

These have been major resources for me to learn about my health and wellness because you can learn quickly on a variety of topics OR learn a variety of new things on one topic.

This has helped me with the creation of the following points. This has helped me get more energy, feel better and generally think highly of myself. I have officially started investing in my health and it’s paying off.

Intermittent Fasting

This is a new method I am trying. So, please research this more before partaking into this. It’s been a new favourite of mine in which you get all of your eating for the day done within 6-8 hours. You may not think it can be done, but it’s been quite easy. Terry Crews said in a recent video with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show that he has been doing it for the last 5 years and it’s been working for him.

The Idea:

Coffee or tea in the morning. 2pm you start eating and you finish eating 6-8 hours after you start (so….8pm-10pm). Repeat.

This may not be for you, but there are a lot of health benefits to this. Here is an interesting article about James Clear’s experience when it comes to Intermittent Fasting:

Related: The Beginner’s Guide To Intermittent Fasting.

Reframing ‘Weight Loss’

This has been my most recent love.

I HATE the phrase ‘Weight Loss‘. I feel like it’s already starting off negative. I am losing weight to gain what? A better appearance? More confidence?

For me, if I lose something at the start, I don’t feel like I am gaining anything at all.

So, in the Bulletproof Diet (which also talks about Intermittent Fasting) they reframe Weight Loss to turn into a more positive term.

Instead of Weight Loss, make it your mission to >> Gain Energy <<.

Make it your mission to feel as energetic as possible for as long as you can. I love this. This is definitely my speed. As someone who has been slightly overweight for most of his life, this is something that is motivating, positive and something I can feel every day.

Instead watching one number over and over again, instead it’s all about your progress of seeing how you feel.

  • If you are hungry and you eat better, you will feel better and have more energy.
  • If you are tired, you should be sleeping more to get more energy.
  • If you are active, you will feel better because you will get more energy from being more active.

It’s a better reframing and it almost has a goal embedded into the phrase itself. Instead of focusing on what you lose, focus on all the new positives you can gain!

Food and Drink Restriction

This is one of the things that kicked things off in a positive direction for me.

After watching the Forks Over Knives Documentary seven months ago, it’s made me change the way I eat. I used to eat a lot of meat. Lots of red meat, chicken, steak, pulled pork and the list goes on. Then I have changed and went cold turkey (pardon the pun) for a few months and went vegetarian. After maybe a few weeks on it, I was feeling way more energetic, much better and I wasn’t getting as sick as my friends. And I lost 5 pounds too! What a difference a small change can make.

Over the last month, I have adapted it to more of a Pescatarian diet, (no meat, just fish) and I find that is a very happy medium for me. I don’t feel limited at restaurants, in fact, I actually save money at restaurants too with the fish or veggie dishes being a few dollars cheaper compared to the meat options. So, big plus there!

I have also considerably cut down on drinking. I am only drinking whiskey and red wine. Whiskey is more of a dessert. Red wine is delicious and has a lot of antioxidants, and that’s totally the only reason why I drink it….

By cutting down the bubbly, I wake up much better the next morning and don’t feel there is a ball and chain holding me back from my hours and days ahead.

By restricting my food choices to just cut out meat, I have become a better cook, saved money and gained more energy.


As an entrepreneur, sleep is a luxury.

There are always fires to put out, things to do, things to think about and always things to consider. For probably the last 3 years, I haven’t had a sleep longer than 5-6 hours a night. I have been working on my routine that puts me to sleep pretty quick, but I didn’t have a lot of success on the other end from a length of sleep.

Sleep is very important. It keeps you sharp, positive and motivated and gives you that energy.

Even helps you lose weight.

Before I go to sleep, what’s been helping me lately is to detox from my phone 1.5-2 hours before bed and to have a bit of raw honey before going to bet. It’s help me increase my sleep on average to about 7 hours.

Also, working out in general and eating fish for dinner have helped me as well.

Short, Concise and Consistent Exercising

This has been one of the biggest positives in my life.

I have made it a mission to exercise more consistently. I have focused on two kinds of exercising. One from the Bulletproof Diet and another that a former employee of mine (who use to work at Beach Body) use to do throughout the day.

The first is the High Intensity work outs. This also may not be for you, but it’s something to look into, but it’s helped me.

High Intensity Exercise Blasts

Working out for only 20-minutes and going hard at the gym seems to work well for me. I am not the one like Terry Crews, who spends 2-hours at the gym. I am an run-and-gun kind of guy. I want to do the workout, feel good, and leave, so this is perfect.

Weight lifting is one of the best ways to gain energy but allow your body to rest and muscles to rebuild. They say in the Bulletproof Diet to work your muscles out until failure, which I am seeing a lot of progress with.

If you like running, the Bulletproof Diet suggests:

  • Running as hard as you can for 30 seconds,
  • Resting for 90 seconds
  • Repeating that cycle for 15-minutes in total

The Wild Diet suggests this for a 7-Minute Workout:

  • 1 minute of Boxer’s Shuffle or Jumping Rope
  • 20 second sprints, 10 second pause [For 5 minutes]
  • 1 minute cool down

Whether if you have 7 minutes, 15 minutes or 20 minutes, there are some great options here for high intensity workouts. Once again, it depends on you, your abilities and what your body allows. Don’t overdo it!

The Long, Consistent Exercise

This has been less effective from a weight loss or muscle gain side, but it has kept me motivated throughout the day. I will do a set of 10 reps of an exercise over the whole day. So for example. If I do 10 squats every hour, in 8 hours time, I have done 80 squats! So if you think doing 100 push-ups at one time isn’t manageable, try spreading them out throughout the day and you might hit 100 push-ups a lot easier!

Helps get you out of your chair every hour as well.

The Sum Up

When it comes to your health, knowledge and education is the most important part. The more you learn, the more you burn!

Right now, I am at 215 pounds (from 220 pounds earlier this year) and I am excited to hit 200 by the end of the year and be lean and mean!

Are you on a journey to gain more energy? Hope these help!

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