30 Lessons I’ve Learned In The Last 30 Years | Steve Dolson
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30 Lessons I’ve Learned In The Last 30 Years

30 Lessons I’ve Learned In The Last 30 Years

Today is my 30th birthday and I am very grateful for the life that I have lived through these past 30 years.

It has been quite an experience. Some amazing things, some deep and dark things. Worked on some amazing projects, made some great business relationships, started a couple companies, played in the same band for over half my life and had some unforgettable experiences, both good and bad.

Throughout all of these things, for almost 10 years, I have been working as an entrepreneur. It has it’s hardships, yes, but you are able to do more than you thought was possible.

I have accumulated 30 lessons that I have learned in life and business into one list.

I hope you learn from my successes and pitfalls to help you on your journey.

30 Lessons I’ve Learned In The Last 30 Years:

1/ If you want to do something, learn about what you need to make it happen. Then do it.

2/ When you take ‘me time’ it makes other people’s lives around you better.

3/ Reading and self-education has made me more introverted, but I can feel like I can handle any situation.

4/ Learning about nutrition was one of the best investments I’ve made on myself (dropped 35 pounds in one year).

5/ Being resourceful is one of the most important traits in business or in any situation for that matter.

6/ Always talk about the next thing you are working on, so it leaves room for others to join in.

7/ Failure is best lesson in future success.

8/ Great equipment will always pay for itself.

9/ Work with people, not for people.

10/ If you can do your boss’ job, quit and do your boss’ job.

11/ Learn the intention behind everything you do and the intention about what everyone around you is doing.

12/ Your habits are to prevent your fears. Focus on doing what makes you better consistently.

13/ The creativity in your approach and you uniqueness is the difference between you and everyone else.

14/ Build a library of knowledge around every topic you are interested in.

15/ Everything is temporary. Bad times and good times.

16/ Knowledge is confidence, but over-communicate and you will lose everyone’s interest. Balance is key.

17/ Carve out your own time, then fit in everyone else’s schedule.

18/ Hell Yes or No. There is no ‘yes’ or maybe’. Make decisions with emotion supporting them.

19/ Toxic situations will waste your time and energy, get out of them.

20/ Find some outlet to express yourself fully. Even if you don’t show anyone your work.

21/ If you want to show your work but you are nervous about putting out your expression because of politics or how people view you and that’s what’s holding you back, either embrace the attention or put it under a different name.

22/ My favourite way to start to week is thinking about what accomplishments I want to celebrate when I end the week.

23/ If you are behind, race up to the leader. If you are the leader, race up even further to where the next leader could be. Never coast.

24/ If you have done it before, trust your process. If you haven’t done it before, trust yourself.

25/ In the grand scheme of things, a relationship, project or job that doesn’t last is most likely less than 1% of your whole life. Think more grandiose.

26/ Do it first and then document it after.

27/ Come to every table with a solution or an opportunity.

28/ Be appreciative and happy about what you have. You never know when you may lose it.

29/ The only thing that beats downward momentum is a hard stop, followed by positive momentum. Progress is the key to happiness.

30/ Don’t judge something until you have done it yourself.

I hope these have been helpful for you. If you want to ask me about any of the following, feel free to contact me through Instagram or Twitter!

Thanks for reading,

Steve Dolson

Question: What’s a piece of wisdom that has been helpful for you?

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