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Digital Entrepreneur. Content Creator. Other Labels.

I am interested in many things. Helping you do what you do better is one of them. 

Others may include getting better at what I do, driving results, being analytical, and enjoying the fun of business are a few of them.

I could bore you with about sections and so on (which I will, but only briefly). But, I want you to get a better sense of what I do through my work. 

I hope it provokes variety, different vision and tones and with serving different purposes as well too. 

What I get paid to do most out of what I love to do is work with brands on their online presence and help their audience find them easily and find them interesting. So if you are interested in that, contact me.

About Steve Dolson

Don’t let this pretentious picture fool you.

Despite what first impressions it may project, I am easy to work with.

I try to create value as much as I can. I tried just doing things for the service of it, found it does not work too well. I keep it simple.

I am a business owner, so I love working with other business owners.

I am a creative, so I like working with other creatives.

I own BenchMRK Agency, a digital agency that helps businesses make better decisions and grow.

I operate the LXRY Group, creating online publications that passionately showcase my love of all things luxury throughout Canada and the world.

I have worked with over 100 brands improving their social media, logo, websites, seo, advertising, website flow, photography, video and customer base.

I am a Photographer. Content Creator. Brand Crafter. Videographer. Editor. Charity advocate. Most importantly, I am a provoker.

What's Next?

If you have ever worked with me, I like looking at the next steps. Action items. I want to know what’s next. 

I don’t want more, more, more. I want what’s going to help, what’s going to make a difference and what’s going to make things more efficient.

I tend to simplify things. I want more decisions upfront to save the hundreds later.

Better decisions and design make the world a better place.

If you are aligned with that, then maybe I can help you with what you do.

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