One Idea To Change The Way You Think About Your Own Personal Success

Life is full of comparisons.

We compare ourselves to others all the time.

Whether it’s what we wear, what we do, how much success or failure we have and how ‘well off’ we are.

When we are comparing ourselves to them, we then look to ourselves. We look to where we are better or inadequate to them. This is not healthy. This is detrimental.

It came be different when it comes to your business.

Your organization is striving to take market share and customers away from someone else, but with personal success, it can be awful for your change your mood, your confidence and your motivation.

I have personally found that looking back and looking forward are the only two directions for me, instead of looking and comparing myself to what other people are doing.

If I start looking beside me, l’ll just be a version of them and not myself.

Comparisons can help you stay motivated when you already have positive momentum, it will make you more hungry, but when you are in any form of a tailspin, it can push you further down.

Instead of comparing yourself to another, reflect on what you can do better yourself.

Focus personal bests, pushing yourself, finding internal motivation and see what’s worked in the past for you.

Stay the course and track your personal bests.

Are you comparing yourself to others too much?

Hope this helps!


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